Patreon Select Library

Starting in 2019, this library is available for download only to my supporters on Patreon. I decided to create it in an effort to say "thank you" to all those who are kind enough to help me create this music. The music can be streamed here, but only downloaded via private links on Patreon.

These tracks may be part of larger resource packs or listening albums I create in the future that would otherwise have to be licensed or purchased. Or they may have no other purpose than to simply be part of this exclusive library.

Thanks so much to all of you! I hope you find the music enjoyable and helpful! I'm excited to have this library start to grow!

"Irrational Fear"

Irrational Fear - Darren Curtis

"Moonlight Dance"

Moonlight Dance - Darren Curtis

"What I've Become"

What I've Become - Darren Curtis


Ultimatum - Darren Curtis

"The Girl From The Dream"

The Girl From The Dream - Darren Curtis

"Don't Look Now"

Don't Look Now - Darren Curtis