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My name is Darren and this site is all about the free-to-use music I make for your projects. Whether you're a hobbyist, filmmaker, game developer, advertiser, RPG game master, Youtuber, or if you just want a neat ringtone for your phone, feel free to browse my ever-growing collection of free music.


All I require is to be credited somewhere as "Darren Curtis" for the music. If you do happen to use any of my pieces, feel free to drop me a line and let me know. I love checking out new projects when I have the time!

I have no formal training in music and am mostly self-taught as a composer and producer. I've learned a lot from generous people making Youtube videos about music theory, audio engineering, etc. A lot of what I know has come from me writing a lot of bad music and making mistakes.

My journey through music has been very interesting thus far, and I'm glad you've stopped by here to take part in it! I hope you stay awhile and find some useful resources on this site!​

Have an awesome day!

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