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Can I Use Your Music In My Project?

Yes, you can! All I ask is to be credited as "Darren Curtis." If you find it on this site, it's good to go!


Just beware if you find music from me not listed here, it's NOT free to use! I sell albums purely for listening like any other artist and I do custom commission work! The sole purpose for this site is to consolidate all my free-to-use audio resources to make things easier for you!

Is It Completely Free To Use?

You'd better believe it! If you find it on this site, it's completely free to use in your project! Yes, even commercial projects!

If you find the music helpful and are using it in commercial projects, it would be cool if you considered making a donation to help with the upkeep of this site and provide me more time to create free music for your future use! Your generosity is greatly appreciated! And hey, if you're in a position where you can't, no worries! I know the situation well.

Unfortunately, I'm not currently able to support myself with my music, so I make all the content here in my spare time between work. Many thanks for your kindness and support! But most of all I hope you enjoy the music!

Can I Monetize My Videos On Youtube With Your Music?

Absolutely! You can check "My Credits" page for a list of some Youtubers who have used some of my music in their videos! I do not put out claims for the music I offer as free.

What Happens If I Get A Copyright Claim On Youtube?

Firstly, DON'T PANIC! Youtube uses automatic software to scan content to see if videos contain copyrighted material. I do not register my "free" music with Youtube's content ID system, so either the system has incorrectly flagged your video, or someone is trying to steal my music.

What You Should Do:

Contest the claim. Do not remove your video or replace the audio! When Youtube asks for the reason you're disputing the claim, click "I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material." Submit the signed Materials Release you received in the .zip file you downloaded from here as evidence you have my permission. You can additionally leave a link to this site so they can check it out too.

Claims can take a few days until a resolution is reached. If your video is monetized, you should not lose your ad revenue while this process takes place. If a dispute has not worked out in your favor, please write and let me know the track used and who has claimed it!

How Do I Properly Credit You?

Very simply you can write "(Insert Track Title) By Darren Curtis."

If my music is the only music appearing in the project, you can even more simply write, "Music by Darren Curtis."

It's not required, but should you choose to leave a link back to this site or my Patreon page, then that would be super awesome too! Thank you!

Are There Any Restrictions On The Music?

The only things you can't do are claim the music as your own and/or attempt to resell it as part of your own resources. You may NOT license this music to anyone or try to sell the rights to others. I provide this music freely for everyone and I want it to remain that way.

The music on this site is Copyrighted under the "Copyright Act of 1976," however, I am choosing to give away many of those rights. The Materials Releases I provide with each track are almost identical to the CC Attribution 4.0 International license.

You may share, remix, transform, adapt, sync and build upon the work for commercial enterprise.

You may NOT claim the work as your own or redistribute the tracks and sell/license them "as is." They need to be used as part of something greater, i.e., in your video, film, game, ad, etc.

I allow the music to be used in public performances, film, video games, Youtube videos, visual novels and most any other thing imaginable merely in exchange for credit. I also waive my right to collect royalties of any kind.

If you have any further questions about any of this, please feel free to write and I'll do my best to respond as quickly as I'm able!

Are You Available For Hire?

Absolutely! I do lots of custom commission work. Get in touch and tell me about your project and what you feel you need. Don't fret if you feel like you don't know much about music and have trouble articulating what you want. Working with others to find the desired "sound" and overall feeling is part of what I do.

If you are interested in custom music, here are a few general things to let me know up front that can help save some time.

  • About how many custom pieces did you have in mind? 1? 5? A full original soundtrack?

  • Do you have an idea concerning the general length of the track(s)?

  • Is there a deadline set in stone by which you absolutely need to have the music done?

  • Is there a strict budget set in place for the music?

  • Were you looking to have exclusive rights for the music in your project or are you fine with using the music on a non-exclusive basis (I'd retain the rights for future use)?

What Software Do You Use?

Check it out Right Here!

Have A Question Not Found Here?

Feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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